Floor Seats Podcast

Floor Seats Podcast


Everyone wants the floor seats! This podcast show gives listeners that experience through intimate conversations and dialogues across a variety of topics lead by host, Gerry James Seavo, an outdoor adventure + environmental photojournalist, feature writer, rap aficionado, and founder of the Explore Kentucky Initiative + The Waterman Series.

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  • Episode 1: First Day Out ft. Ashley Smith

    • Growing as a African-American military brat all across the world raised by amazing parents that told him to never limit himself; Gerry was exposed to various cultures, activities, and lands. Until he became of age, he never understood stereotypes until people started calling him “white boy” for his love of Tony Hawk, electronic music, and the outdoors. Those critics got the last laugh as he used his passions and experience to create to help further the field of adventure tourism and community & cultural exploration across the southeast through his illustrious career. Gerry has gone one to found the Explore Kentucky Initiative and Kentucky Waterman Series, served a steering committee member of the Kentucky Rural Urban Exchange, and has been a diverse spectrum of projects from outdoor recreational, branding initiatives, photojournalism, conservation projects, and more. To help flesh out his story, Gerry is joined by his dear friend, Ashley Smith of Black Soil in the studio.