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Episode 2: Bernheim Under Threat

Ft. Dr. Mark Wourms of Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

“Floor Seats hosted by Gerry Seavo James" (that’s right-- this podcast finally has a name!) is back with a rock star of a guest, Dr. Mark Wourms, Executive Director of the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest. The Bernheim, located in Clermont, KY(fun fact for for the bourbon lovers, it’s across the street Jim Beam’s main distillery), is the largest privately-held forest east of the Mississippi. It was founded in 1929 by Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, a German immigrant whose whiskey distillery business established the I.W. Harper brand of bourbon. As a gift to the state of Kentucky, his goal was to have a natural space, open to the public, regardless of race or creed. Fast forward to today and the forest hosts hundreds of thousands of people each year: some take in its beauty on the forest's 40+ miles of trails, others at major events like CONNECT & ColorFest. Bernheim’s pristine forest is also used by hundreds of scientists for research. Recently it has come under threat from two developments that will bisect the forest 1) a proposed interstate addition, which would connect I-65 and I-71 and 2) a natural gas pipeline. Sit back, listen, and learn from the best seat in the house! - #FloorSeats.  

  • Music picks: Mark: The Rolling Stones, " Wild Horses " |  Gerry: Lion Babe, " Cosmic Wind ".

  • Fun fact today's episode cover photo is from the first time, Gerry visited the Bernheim with his friends Cody Ferguson and Blake Ferguson circa 2012.

  • To learn how to get involved with protecting the Bernheim visit here.

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